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TLOS Personnel Directory

Title Description
Helen Ajao

PDN Graduate Assistant

Judy Alford

Business Manager

Amal Aljohani

PDN Fellow

David Alvarez, Jr.

Distance Learning Technician

Douglas Asante

Graduate Assistant

Natalie Belew

Curriculum Specialist

Barry Browning

Office Services Aide

Greg Campbell


Santhosh Chalamalla

Application Admin DevOps Programer

S.B. Chandler

508 Compliance and Digital Accessibility Officer

Tim Chittenden

IT Project Manager

Larry Cox

Instructional Designer

Robert Dickert

Director of Computer-Integrated Learning Spaces

Holli Gardner Drewry

Digital Content Strategist

David Duckett

Coordinator of Service Design and Evaluation

Ognen Duzlevski

Lead Software Developer

Nikki Edwards

PDN Program Coordinator

Kim Ervine

Fiscal Technician

Rene Fabrega

Distance Learning Technician

Brandon Fain

Distance Learning Technician

Rob Fentress

Web Accessibility Solutions Designer

Norman Ferguson

Systems Administrator

Dawn Follin

Instructional Designer

David Foltz

Program Support Specialist

Will Fox

Assistant Director of Emerging Academic Technologies and Space

Ian Griffin

Assistant Director of Training and Program Advancement

Megan Hagberg

Graduate Assistant

Mark Harden

Director of Digital Media, Graphics, and Imaging

Taha Hassan

Graduate Assistant

Ian Hoban

Graduate Assistant

Kimberley Homer

Learning Technologies Analyst

Jake Howes

Distance Learning Technician

Chris Kovach

Multimedia and Emerging Technologies Specialist

Matthew Louvet

Coordinator of Online Services, Projects and Data Management

Sarah Lynn

PDN Graduate Assistant

Saujanya Mani

Application Developer

Brooke Marton McGowin

Instructional Designer

Jackie Meese

Assistant Director of Computer Systems Administration

Jason Mickel

Senior Learning Data Analyst

Sunayana Mishra

Accessibility Analyst

Cindy Moore

Developer: Graphics, Media, and Web

James Murphy

Distance Learning Specialist

Brian Myers

Applications Analyst

Jihane Najdi

Senior Web Development Software Engineer

Jessica Nguyen

User Support Specialist

Brandon Oppong-Antwi

Application Developer

Sara Perks

Administrative Assistant

Gerald Peterson

Computer-Integrated Classroom Administrator

Louie Price


Nisha Mariyal Radhakrishnan

Graduate Assistant

Anthony Samniego

PDN Data Specialist

David Schuh

Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) Lead Engineer

Marcus Sparks

Computer-Integrated Learning Spaces (CILS) Administrator

Caleb Spencer

Distance Learning Technician

Hamidreza Taimoory

Graduate Assistant

Danielle Thacker

Learning Technologies Specialist

Andrew Tweedt

Video Platforms Application Administrator

Christopher Valluzzo

Multimedia Producer/Director

Ryan Wesdock

Distance Learning Technician

Greg Whisenhunt

Multimedia Application and System Support

Daron Williams

Director of Instructional Design

Pearl Xie

Director of Universal Design for Learning and Accessibility Services

Dan Yaffe

Learning Technologies Specialist

Zhenhaun "Henry" Yang

Graduate Assistant

Marc Zaldivar

Director of PDN Curriculum and Assessment