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Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies, a unit within Virginia Tech’s Division of Information Technology, is dedicated to the advancement of teaching and learning through the thoughtful application of technology to the teaching process and learning environments.

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Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies improves student learning by fostering faculty digital fluency, partnering with faculty to design and develop successful digital learning experiences, and creating technology-enhanced learning environments for traditional, distance, and hybrid courses. In each of these endeavors, TLOS provides essential support, strives for inclusivity, and actively pursues opportunities for innovation.

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  • Everything we do is designed to improve student learning.
  • We seek to understand and balance faculty needs, institutional priorities, and emerging approaches in the field of learning technologies.
  • We believe that all faculty have the potential to thrive in technology-rich environments. We inspire faculty to reach that potential by connecting them with the tools, services, and collaborators that will help them succeed.
  • We work to make our programs and services as flexible and individualized as possible.
  • In the spirit of Ut Prosim (That I May Serve), we support activities and events that advance the mission of the university.
  • We value and apply Virginia Tech’s “Principles of Community” in all we do.
  • We measure our work and hold ourselves accountable.


We approach our mission primarily in three ways:

Faculty Digital Fluency

It is important that all faculty have the confidence and knowledge to thrive in technology-rich environments. We help faculty by providing training, workshops, and other learning opportunities to increase their level of technical expertise.

Instructional  Design

We have resources that are dedicated to designing effective course curriculums that take advantage of the latest advancements in technology-enhanced pedagogies. Our teams work with faculty to help augment and redesign courses to fit this paradigm.

Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments

We support and prototype the integration of technology into the classroom. We also partner with faculty and staff to look at ways the university can innovate the design of classrooms and the technological capabilities of those learning spaces.



Executive Leadership

Our Executive Leadership team directs the activities and initiatives of all groups within TLOS.

Dale D. Pike

Executive Director and Associate Provost

Quinn Warnick

Deputy Executive Director

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Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies, a unit within the Division of Information Technology, was created in 2013 as a result of the redesign and restructuring of Virginia Tech’s award-winning entities previously known as Learning Technologies and the Institute for Distance and Distributed Learning. Dale D. Pike assumed leadership of TLOS as its first executive director in 2014.

TLOS serves the Virginia Tech community by working with faculty to design effective learning experiences, providing training to enhance digital fluency, and fostering innovative learning environments in traditional, distance, and hybrid courses. In each of these areas, TLOS furnishes support and documentation for foundational technologies, while also offering innovation “sandboxes” for faculty and students experimenting with cutting-edge learning tools. TLOS works in close partnership with the Provost’s Office, colleges, and departments to advance all aspects of technology-enhanced learning.


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