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Flexible Teaching Fellows Program

Program Overview

TLOS offers a variety of support programs for flexible learning experiences, including professional development, instructional design, and instructional media development.

As part of our support for flexible learning experiences at Virginia Tech, TLOS convened a group of faculty fellows to offer course quality reviews and peer consultation, as well as facilitate professional development around flexible course quality. Faculty fellows receive a stipend, complete grant-funded professional development, and rely on their experiences with flexible teaching to influence departmental decisions around flexible teaching quality. The program increases capacity for departments and colleges to ensure courses meet quality standards.

In order to grow flexible learning quality processes, TLOS and the faculty fellows partnered to raise awareness of course quality standards and offer flexible course reviews as a service.

Faculty fellows have offered service to the university in the following ways:

Faculty Fellows attend quarterly meetings with TLOS to assess program success and complete three credit hours of service during the agreement period as outlined in the chart below.

Service Options Credit Hours
Peer Review 1
Consultation 0.5
Faculty Panel 0.5
Workshop Facilitation 3


The Flexible Teaching Fellows program is sponsored by the Provost's Office and supported by Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS). Submit questions or requests for more information to

Requesting Reviews

In order to request a flexible course quality review from one of our Flexible Teaching Fellows, contact Daron Williams at In your email specify the name of the course (e.g. PSYC 1234 - Abnormal Psychology) and the desired timeline to receive a review. Once the process is initiated, you will be contacted with instructions and recommendations on providing the reviewer(s) access to the course.