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Standards and Support for Quality Online Teaching

TLOS reaffirms the role of departments and colleges in supervising and evaluating teaching in all modalities. Our services and offerings are intended to support faculty and administrators in their efforts to create and deliver quality online courses. Individual instructors and departmental leaders can take advantage of the following resources as they strive to meet the university’s expectations and standards for online teaching.

Training Opportunities

TLOS provides facilitated workshops and self-paced training designed to help faculty prepare to teach at a distance.

Individual and Departmental Consultations

We offer one-on-one consultations for individual instructors, and we welcome opportunities to discuss college- and department-level initiatives.

  • Request a consultation with an instructional designer or learning technologies specialist.  
  • To learn more about services and programs offered in support of college or department initiatives, contact

Peer Review and Self-Assessment Resources

The TLOS Course Quality Checklist can be adopted (and modified as needed) by programs and departments to support peer review of online teaching. Individual instructors may also find this checklist helpful as a self-assessment tool when they are designing or redesigning an online course.

Accessibility and Accommodations

Instructors of technology-enhanced courses are expected to build their online instructional materials with accessibility for all students in mind. All text should be structured appropriately to be read by screen-reading technology, alt-text should be provided for all images, and either captions or transcripts should be provided. TLOS provides several resources to help make course materials accessible, including Ally, EquatIO, and Grackle, along with captioning support.

Additional Resources