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Innovation in Learning (IL) Grants support the implementation and evaluation of new approaches to teaching and learning using technology.  These small seed grants are awarded to individuals or teams working on integrative pedagogical and curricular projects that explore ‘leading edge’ innovation with the potential to scale.  Successful proposals will involve projects that seek to make a significant impact on contemporary pedagogy and have potential for wider implementation.  Proposals designed to discover the interesting and experimental edges of innovation and those that inform interdisciplinary approaches in evolving learning environments are highly encouraged.  Innovation in Learning Grants are intended to advance the integration of new technologies in teaching and learning without limiting or prescribing the exploration of either the technologies or the curricular and pedagogical approaches that a viable project proposal ventures to explore, implement, and evaluate.

All faculty members at Virginia Tech are eligible for Innovation in Learning Grants and are invited to submit a proposal, either as a sole PI or as PI of a project team.  Where appropriate, faculty members are encouraged to consider including graduate students as team members.  This cycle of IL grants is focused primarily on supporting the ongoing re-imagining of general education at Virginia Tech.  If you are working on an innovative pedagogical or curricular revision to an existing CLE course or if you are creating a new Pathways to Knowing course, please consider submitting a short query via the link below.  Likewise, if you have a project related to the Pathways to Knowing initiative, it may also qualify for a seed grant.  This year’s grant funding will be allocating on a revolving basis with all funds to be disseminated to recipients by June 30, 2016.

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