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LinkedIn Learning

The LinkedIn Learning training library houses over 1200 titles containing more than 69,000 searchable videos retrieved online. New content is added weekly to ensure that user needs are met in a timely basis as technology and software rapidly evolve. Selected topics span productivity, multimedia, web and interactive software, and include design principles, digital photography, digital video production and editing, 3D and animation, audio, print and web design, mobile app development for Android and iOS, and other development platforms such as Java, HTML5, Javascript, Wordpress, CSS, Flash, and Python. Other unique content includes documentaries and shorts on the creative approaches used by various professionals who use these software tools. Additional topics focus on start-up business issues such as entrepreneurialism and business models.

LinkedIn Learning provides Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students with just-in-time, 24/7 access to a wide variety of self-paced learning resources that can be accessed via a user’s desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Content can be bookmarked and tagged for later retrieval allowing individualization of learning and integration to both PDN curriculum and to the academic curriculum of a number of departments.