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Many of the resources that TLOS provides such as technology-enhanced learning spaces, multimedia and innovative hardware, and instructional design services are requestable through this site or through the Virginia Tech IT Service catalog. Browse the offerings we have below.

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TLOS offers course design services that integrate best practices in applying technology-enhanced digital experiences to courses at Virginia Tech.

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Instructional Design Consultations

Choose from multiple options for individual or group consultation and instructional design support for designing new courses, revising and redesigning existing courses, and development of full programs or degrees. Consultations will include incorporating various interactive technologies, like lecture capture tools and Zoom, in a pedagogically-sound manner, to assisting with any individual part of the course development process.


Instructional Media, Video, and Graphics

Request help and resources for the creation and design of instructional media, video, and graphics. The TLOS team can provide high-quality video production in a classroom, studio setting, or in the field for course-based instruction, employee training, research, engagement, and marketing. We’ll meet with you to discuss available resources for your project, a timeline for completion, and any potential fees.


TLOS offers lecture capture and video conferencing services for your courses and educational purposes.

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Video Conferencing (One Time Event)

Using Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC), Virginia Tech can offer classes throughout the state and share information and instructors with universities around the world. It allows faculty members to meet with their peers without having to leave Blacksburg.


Interactive Video Conferencing (Recurrent Event)

TLOS also offers Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) on a recurring basis for classes throughout a semester.


Video Conferencing Room Service

TLOS offers a complete video conferencing solution from consultation, to equipment ordering and installation. Our team of experts will tailor their support to your department’s needs.


TLOS offers inclusive technology services to individuals with an accommodation referral from either University ADA Services or the SSD Office and students in the regional on-campus transition program (OCTP).

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Captioning Services

The TLOS Accessible Technologies group provides consultations to help faculty, staff, and students identify appropriate strategies for captioning digital media. Professional-level captions with 99% accuracy are available via centralized funding or reverse billing for approved projects. Professional captions include speaker identification, multilingual speech, and noise/music descriptions.


Please contact us and let us know what services you are looking for or how we can better tailor our services to your needs.