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The Registration System

If you wish to teach a workshop, please fill out our proposal form: ( We will contact you with any additional information we need or if any issues are found after reviewing your entries. Space is limited and rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. To ensure you get the date and time you want, submit your workshops at your earliest convenience. 

We strongly encourage that you remember to take attendance before each of your sessions. The best time to do this would be during instructor/participant introductions. Our room support staff will be available to take attendance before you begin your session. 

With Canvas, you have multiple ways to communicate with your participants! You can use either course Announcements or Inbox.

Best Practice:

We recommend using Announcements to share time-sensitive, urgent information that does not necessarily require a response (e.g. a class cancellation or a new meeting location), but should be received by every student/member of the Canvas course site. Inbox messages, however, can be used for lengthier, sustained exchanges between instructors and their students (e.g. questions about a class discussion, or something that should only be shared individually).


After we have created your courses and updated the information, we will add you to the course as Instructors. Canvas will send you an invitation via email. Please accept this invitation to get started.

While we will make every effort to ensure all information is updated appropriately, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes on the course. Be sure to check the course homepage to ensure your description, objectives, and contact information are correct. Please edit and update the page accordingly. 

Please do not change dates within Canvas without letting us know. Send any changes to your workshops to as soon as you are able. We will update Catalog, Canvas, and our Calendars. You will be responsible for letting your participants know!

If you are hosting an online session, you will be responsible for ensuring the Zoom link is sent out to participants. We will include this information on the homepage of your course if provided to us in the proposal form. However, it is still best to notify participants the day before your session with the link to ensure the information is properly distributed.