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Innovation in Learning Grants

Innovation in Learning (IL) Grants are designed to support the evaluation and implementation of new approaches to teaching and learning using technology. These small seed grants are awarded to individuals or teams working on pedagogical and curricular projects that push the boundaries of technology-enhanced learning and have the potential for broad institutional impact. Grant awards are typically capped at $5,000, though exceptions may be made for awards over this amount under special circumstances.


TLOS partners with recipients by providing consultation and a level of assistance as agreed upon when the grant is awarded.

Grant recipients are expected to:

  • Use the award to purchase software1 or hardware, or to fund student wage positions. (Funds can be used for direct faculty compensation when other alternatives for completing the work do not exist.)
  • Participate in periodic check-ins with TLOS regarding project progress.
  • Partner with TLOS to co-develop a plan to evaluate the technology’s impact on teaching and learning. This may include, but is not limited to:
    • Working with a TLOS instructional designer to design a learning activity using the technology.
    • Conducting activities related to evaluation (e.g., distributing questionnaires or sending a survey to students).
    • Analyzing student work or student feedback about the technology.
    • Collaborating with TLOS to conduct interviews or focus groups.
    • Submitting a brief final report to TLOS providing feedback on the project and its impact on teaching and learning.

As determined by the outcome of the grant research, TLOS will transfer the technologies to the faculty member, assume ownership of the technologies, or decommission the technologies.


All faculty members at Virginia Tech are eligible to apply for Innovation in Learning Grants. Where appropriate, faculty members are encouraged to consider including graduate students as team members.

Funded Activity

An Innovation in Learning Grant can be used to:

  • Purchase technology for evaluation or experimentation, or for short-term software1 or application licensing.
  • Support graduate or undergraduate students who will assist with the project.
    • Graduate students can be supported by transferring funds to the grant recipient’s department, either as a contribution toward an existing graduate assistantship, or to hire a graduate student as an hourly wage employee. In either case, the GA will report to the faculty grant recipient.
    • Undergraduate students can be hired as hourly wage workers, either by transferring funds to the grant recipient’s department or by TLOS hiring and managing a student worker using award funding.
  • Fund a small stipend for faculty who have submitted the funded proposal and are serving as consultants for the funded activity. (See Expectations above for more information.)
    • The faculty stipend is determined based on the length of the project, faculty time commitment, etc., and will be provided to their department for application to professional development, technology acquisition, etc., as negotiated by the faculty member.

The amount of funds awarded is dependent upon funds available, costs associated with the funded activity, and the length of time required for the work to be conducted.

Application Process

Recipients of FY23 grants will be notified beginning on October 7, 2022.

The FY24 call for proposals process opens in fall 2023. Questions about the application process can be directed to

1. To be purchased with grant funds, software must be included in the approved list on Virginia Tech’s IT Contracts Portal - Cobblestone. If the desired software is not listed, TLOS can provide assistance with evaluating potential software platforms and facilitating the procurement process overseen by ITPALS. This process may affect the timing of a grant award.