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Outstanding Remote Teaching

During the 2020 spring semester, more than 2,400 instructors rapidly converted approximately 4,500 course sections to online formats. TLOS knew we were not aware of all of the creative and innovative work that took place during the shift to emergency remote teaching. In order to recognize these contributions, we asked faculty members and students to tell us about instructors who deserved accolades for their outstanding efforts. We received more than 189 responses recognizing the 158 individual instructors listed below. Thank you for the contributions of these instructors to Virginia Tech's teaching mission, given in the spirit of Ut Prosim (That I May Serve). 



Name Department
Aaron Geller Chemistry
Al Evangelista School of Performing Arts, Theatre
Alan Asbeck Mechanical Engineering
Alex White Dairy Science
Alexis Villacis Agricultural and Applied Economics
Anand Banerjee Biological Sciences
Andrè Jones English
Andre Muelenaer Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Anne Brown University Libraries, Research and Informatics
Anne-Lise Velez Honors
Annie Hesp Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
Annie Stevens School of Performing Arts, Music
Arthur Keown Finance
Audra Price Finance
Aurelien Borgoltz Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Barbara Fraticelli Business Information Technology
Barbara Leshyn Horticulture
Benjamin Chambers Engineering Education
Bill Becker eMBA
Biswarup Mukhopadhyay Biochemistry
Bob West Mechanical Engineering
Bonnie Zare Sociology
Brent Opell Biological Sciences
Brett Jones School of Education
Candace Wall Chemistry
Cara Spicer Finance
Caroline Hornburg Human Development and Family Science
Carolyn J. Kroehler Center for Communicating Science
Cheyenne Franklin English
Christina (Mae) Hey Sociology
Cora Olson Science, Technology, and Society
Crystal Duncan Lane Human Development and Family Science
Dale Jenkins Communication
Dan Simundza Business Information Technology
Daniel Osborne Physics
Daron Williams TLOS
David Bredenkamp Center for Public Administration and Policy
David Gray Engineering Education
Diego Troya Chemistry
Donna Wertalik Marketing
Doris Kincade Fashion Merchandising and Design
Edward Polanco History
Eileen Martin Computational Modeling and Data Analytics
Eric Hogan Biology
Eric Wiseman Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
Erin Hotchkiss Biology
Fawzy Elnady Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology
Francisco Carvallo Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology
Freddy Paige Civil and Environmental Engineering
Gary Long Chemistry
Godmar Back Computer Science
Heather Cox Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Heiner Schnoedt Architecture
James Kern Business Information Technology
James Lord Engineering Science and Mechanics
Jason Thweatt Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jay Michael Layne Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
Jeanine Eddleton Chemistry
Jeff Jackson Human Development and Family Science
Jennifer Davis Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
Jennifer Orr German
Jennifer Russell Sustainable Biomaterials
Jennifer Sano-Franchini English
Jeremy Draghi Biological Sciences
Jessica StClair Mathematics
Jessica Thompson Mathematics
Joanie Banks-Hunt Honors
Jodi LaCoe Architecture - Alexandria Center
John P. Morgan Statistics
Jonathan Briganti University Libraries, Research and Informatics
Joseph Scallorns English
Josh Brooks Mathematics
Kate Langwig Biological Sciences
Kaveh Kasebian Mathematics
Kelly Robinson Mathematics
Kendall Giles Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kevin Cheng Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management
Kevin Hamed Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Kevin Lahmers Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology
Koeun Choi Human Development and Family Science
Kurt Neidigh Chemistry
Laura Iancu School of Performing Arts, Cinema
Laura L. Clark Business Information Technology
Linsey Marr Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lisa Tucker Interior Design
Maggie Bump Chemistry
Mantu Hudait Electrical and Computer Engineering
Marc Michel Geosciences
Marcia Davitt Science, Technology, and Society
Marcie Tiraphatna Mathematics
Martha Ann Bell Psychology
Matt Hull Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science
Matthew James Engineering Education
Max Stallkamp Management
Megan Emori Biological Sciences
Melanie Fox Economics
Michael Borowski School of Visual Arts
Michael Garvin Civil Engineering
Michael Rosenzweig Biological Sciences
Michelle Rockwell Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Michelle Seref Business Information Technology
Michelle Stocker Geosciences
Mike Ellerbrock Agricultural and Applied Economics
Mohammed Farghally Computer Science
Myungsuk Chung Mathematics
Natalia Mielczarek Communication
Nathan Heavers Landscape Architecture
Netta (Hannah) Baker English
Nicholas Loehr Mathematics
Nicole Abaid Computational Modeling and Data Analytics
Osama Fakron Mathematics
Pankaj Kumar Management
Patricia Amateis Chemistry
Ralph Hall School of Public and International Affairs
Raman Kumar Finance
Rebecca Chang Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
Ricardo Burdisso Mechanical Engineering
Richard Ashley Economics
Richard Clark Materials Science and Engineering
Richard Law Geosciences
Robert Canfield Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Robert Scardina Civil and Environmental Engineering
Robin Reed Communication
Roderick Jensen Biological Sciences
Roger Chang Engineering Science and Mechanics
S Nikki Lewis Honors
Sang Won Lee Computer Science
Sara Hooshangi Computer Science
Sarah Bechtel Neuroscience
Sarah Karpanty Wildlife Conservation
Sarah Ryan Psychology
Scott Case Civil Engineering
Sharon Johnson Women and Gender Studies
Shaun J Baker English
Sohan Kale Mechanical Engineering
Steve Sheetz Accounting and Information Systems
Steve Trost Economics
Sulagna Mishra Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
Susan Piedmont-Palladino Architecture
Susanna Rinehart School of Performing Arts, Theatre
Tanushree Mitra Computational Modeling and Data Analytics
Tanya LeRoith Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology
Tarryn Abrahams History
Tess Thompson Biological Systems Engineering
Theresa Gillian Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology
Thomas Reilly Finance
Tim Talty Electrical Engineering
Travis Merritt Physics
Tyler Saunders English
Val Thomas Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
Weijun Xie Industrial and Systems Engineering
William (Bill) Plymale Electrical and Computer Engineering
William Devenport Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
William Jamerson Sociology
Xiaowei Yue Industrial and Systems Engineering
Xin Yang Mathematics
Zack Underwood University Studies
Zhaomin Yang Biology