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Classroom Technology: Jewel or Horcrux?

Wednesdays at 3 p.m.
Innovation and Outreach Studio
1140 Torgersen Hall

Join us in the Innovation and Outreach Studio each Wednesday at 3 p.m. to explore technology-enhanced teaching and learning techniques, tools, and emerging trends. Help us sort out the gems from the sorcery with these weekly chats focused on finding innovative ways to leverage innovative teaching technologies. Participants will earn NLI credit.

Upcoming Topics

  • Oct. 24 – What can we learn from Leonardo da Vinci? – Discussion facilitated by S.B. Chandler, PhD, UX Web Developer
  • Oct. 31 – Mischief Managed: Bringing Cybersecurity into Range – Discussion facilitated by Scot Ransbottom, PhD, Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chief of Staff for the Division of IT

Future topics we are exploring:

  • Is screen time making college students more emotionally fragile?
  • How can technology enhance intimacy in large and distant classes?
  • White Space Broadband and 5G: How do we expand coverage without widening the Digital Divide?
  • 360 Degree Cinema
  • Augmented Reality in Building Construction
  • The Workforce of the Future
  • Wide Area Networking: Fast Lane to Encryption?
  • Data Visualization and Persuasion with Maps
  • France has banned cell phones for children under 15. What have they learned?

Give us a topic, and we’ll schedule an hour (or more, if you like) in the I/O Studio. Contact us by email at or stop by 1140 Torgersen Hall.