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WebEx is an online platform for online meetings and collaboration that can be used for educational and training purposes. WebEx allows teachers to virtually meet with their students or to arrange meetings.


  • High quality webcam video (up to 720p HD)
  • Audio via either VoIP or phone
  • Screen sharing
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Recording


  • Free to VT faculty
  • Easy to set up recurring session
  • Flexible
  • Can be used for any VT or research­related purpose


  • Recordings must be manually posted ­ no automatic student access
  • Must have steady, reliable network connection to work well
  • Delivery Mode + access + licensing models, etc

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Use Cases

Recommended Usage

  • Large classes and lectures
  • Virtual office hours
  • Synchronous online discussion forum
  • Ideal Class Size
  • Approximately 20 students or less 

Solo or Group Usage

  • Both

Assessment Tools

  • Sharing documents
  • Graded participation
  • Presentations 


Webex can be used in the following instances:

  • Synchronous online courses
  • Flipped classrooms
  • Project­based learning (presentations)
  • Communities of practice (student­student interaction / teacher­student interaction)


  • Webex is an enterprise level application that is free to use for all Students and Faculty.  

Learning Curve

  • The Learning curve for Webex is relatively small.  If you have ever used Skype, Video Chat, Google  Hangouts or any other Video Chat Platform you should be able to use the tool right away. If you have never used the tool you should be able to use the tool after a quick tutorial ( 20 Min) and an expert user 

Equipment Requirements

  • You will need a computer, web browser, internet connection, microphone ,and video camera connected to your computer.

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