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Why Witte Was a Winner

As a double major in management and finance with a minor in history, I’ve always had a sweet spot in my heart for historical figures that work in a business or financial way. One such man that has peaked my interest is Sergei Witte. Mr Witte was the Minister of Finance for the Russian Empire […]

Sergei Witte-Fortune’s Favorite or Great Politician?

Sergei Witte’s rise to power was an unusual one. As an young adult, Witte was more interested in physics and mathematics rather than politics. All that changed, however, when he accepted a position at a railroad company, where he steadily … Continue reading

What constitutes a Constitution?

Increasing challenges to autocratic rule reached a boiling point in 1905. In order to avoid total disaster, Sergei Witte called for a reform of the political system. Witte wrote the famous October Manifesto, which calmed the unrest following the shooting … Continue reading