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Welcome to the “Party”: Marxism and Leninism in Late-Imperial Russia

Following the publication of, “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848, the Marxist ideology took root nearly every European state to some extent.  One of the consequences of this dispersion and diffusion of Marxism into European political thought was that the theory differed from region to region and from state to(…)

Consciousness or Spontaneity

In “What Is To Be Done?” Lenin critiqued the Economist view of spontaneity and argued for a conscious revolution. He criticized the Economist view of spontaneity due to its disorganization and inability to learn from the past. Lenin believed that … Continue reading

“What Is To Be Done?” In This Post?

Before the Revolution of 1905, Vladimir Lenin rose up as a leader of the revolution. When the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party was formed in 1898, Vladimir Lenin was part of the process from the get go. Lenin was active … Continue reading