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It’s a ChurchPoolChurch!

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was built over the span of 40 years, and opened in the 19th century.  This church is the archetype of what all churches hope to be: it was the largest Orthodox Church ever built, and was a prime example of opulence.  The inner sanctum was circumscribed by two galleries, […]

G-d Bless You!

This was just one of many hundreds of images that were published during the anti-religious push that occurred while the Bolsheviks were attempting to rebuild Russian society. The Bolsheviks knew that if their revolution was to be successful, society had to unify into one, cohesive whole.  Therefore, the Party created organizations such as the Komsomol […]

Russia’s Religion…or Lack Thereof

The Bolsheviks viewed religion as Marx did, as the “opiate of the masses.” When they rose to power in 1917, they wanted to free all citizens from this “drug.” Under the previous regime, Church and state were closely tied, and because … Continue reading

Heavenly Father, We Want Gold

As the Bolsheviks rose to power after prevailing in the Russian Civil War, The new ruling class was quick to seek a way to dispose of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Bolsheviks were quite obsessive in “their feverish attempt to … Continue reading

The Role of Religion

  The Bolshevik revolution aimed to create a new social ethos that redefined the political, social, and economic systems in Soviet Russia. In order to alter the popular consciousness the regime needed to transform the values and norms of people … Continue reading

Bolsheviks: We Believe in Nothing

Boris Ignatovich: Restorers(1928) “Workers dismantling a Russian Orthodox Church while reading The Godless”   Thanks in part to the beliefs of Marx and Lenin, the Bolsheviks soon began their quest to rid the Soviet Union of religion. In their point of view, “religion was the opiate of the masses”(1). In other words, religion was something […]

A Band-aid that didn’t stick: Russian reform in the 1860s and 70s

  Reform. Counter-reform. One step forward and two steps back. This pattern can be seen in many places throughout history, and usually leads to a period of explosive reform started by the people. Examples of this pattern are the reforms begun by Qing Russia before the 1911 Revolution and even the connection between post-civil war […]

A famous vacation spot for criminals in Bukhara

Although the Soviet Union traditionally claims superiority when it comes to jailing and exiling people in deplorable conditions, this photo places the Emirate of Bukhara as a notable competitor. Perhaps only a mere footnote compared to the notorious purges of Joseph Stalin, the prison at Zindan certainly doesn’t seem any more appealing than a Soviet gulag […]

Does Religion Matter Anymore?

The Russian Orthodox Church has been a major factor in Russian culture, economics, and politics since its origin in 988 AD. In 1589, Moscow was named the patriarch for the Russian Orthodox Church, but there would be no separation of … Continue reading

Prokudin-Gorskii photography: Jewish Children with their Teacher

As a photography student myself, there is nothing I love more than photographs of people. These images present much more than a face– they illustrate a sense of time, culture and place. The collection of Prokudin-Gorskii images vary from objects … Continue reading