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In 1921, it was estimated that 4.5 million children were considered bezprizorniki, meaning homeless. Other sources suggest even higher numbers of homeless children at around 7.5 million. This large influx of homeless children was due to the wars, flight, hunger and disease, … Continue reading

Social Women: This one’s for the girls

“The Liberation of Women Workers is the affair of the Women themselves!” – N. Lenin In the years after the 1917 Revolution, the Bolsheviks began a new war, one that targeted the old society which had been based on oppression, … Continue reading

Free Love and Communism: The Alexandra Kollontai Story

No matter the time period, no matter the location, the status of women has always been in question. As the Bolsheviks came to power, women in Russia began to see themselves on a more equal field; legislation like the Code on Marriage, … Continue reading