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Networked Knowledge Collaboration Services

This team provides software development, application and systems administration, end-user support, training, quality assurance, and documentation for several Virginia Tech enterprise systems and services which are focused on teaching and learning.  We have a range of skills in the group including web and application developers, system administrators, end-user support personnel, trainers, and technical writers.

We strive to provide stable and reliable production systems, while also supporting innovation within TLOS using our systems and development expertise.


  • Application Administration
  • Application and Web Development
  • End-User Support
  • Server Support and Systems Integration
  • Software Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Training & documentation


System Dev/Admin Support Notes
Centra X X Development for integration; to be replaced by WebEx
Cybersheep X X  
Echo360   Echo360 Lecture capture and video hosting platform, integrated with Scholar & Canvas
Enquete X X 2 evals are run prior to end of semester (SPOT) evals
ePortfolio X   Sakai based; end user support provided for by our eP office   X Cloud-based system, run at lynda
NLI System X X Includes legacy FDI system, plus new one
Program websites X X Formerly IDDL sites, numerous
Scholar X Scholar Sakai based
SPOT system X SPOT Sakai based
VTOnline X X  
WebEx   WebEx Cloud-based system, run at Cisco
Wordpress   Wordpress Cloud-based system, run at ZippyKid

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