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On July 1, 2013 Virginia Tech launched TLOS — an exciting new organization to support technology-enhanced teaching and learning in many environments — from real to virtual.  TLOS emerges from the redesign and restructuring of award-winning entities, known previously as Learning Technologies and the Institute for Distance and Distributed Learning.  Today TLOS, short for Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies, is re-aligning to meet Virginia Tech’s aims as a networked university (A Plan for New Horizon, 2012 – 2018:

TLOS is a part of the Information Technology (IT) organization; TLOS will work in close partnership with the Provost’s office and have a seat on the Academic Council; TLOS will collaborate with colleges and departments on advancing technology-enhanced learning.


  1. Mission
    • Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies, part of Virginia Tech’s Division of Information Technology, improves student learning by fostering faculty digital fluency, partnering with faculty to design and develop successful digital learning experiences, and creating technology-enhanced learning environments for traditional, online, and hybrid courses. In each of these endeavors, TLOS provides essential support, strives for inclusivity and accessibility, and actively pursues opportunities for innovation.
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  1. Equipment Loans
  2. Spaces
    1. Digital Spaces
      1. Interactive network
      2. Video conferencing
    2. Physical Spaces
      1. CIC classroom
      2. Echo 360 classrooms
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  4. Video Production Event Capture
  5. Proctoring
  6. Lab Tours/Outreach
    1. Innovation Space tours
    2. Assistive Technologies Lab tours

TLOS strives to foster partnerships with faculty in all disciplines. You can partner with TLOS in a variety of ways:

Tech Teams

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Grant Programs

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Research Partnerships

Summary description our recent research partnerships. Contact information for Todd Ogle…

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  2. Class Continuity
  3. Application and Web Development
  4. Digital Imaging and Archiving
  5. Echo360 Support
  6. SPOT Support
  7. WebEx Support
  8. WordPress Support
  9. VTOnline Support
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In order to fulfill this vision, we are currently focusing on three primary areas: Faculty Digital Fluency, Learning Experience Design, and Technology-enhanced Learning Environments. Within each of those areas, we seek to establish a development pipeline, facilitating activity in sandbox, pilot, and production projects. This will allow us to stabilize and more fully support those things that are in production while still allowing (and encouraging) creative exploration of emerging tools and practices.