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Design and develop Awards Individual Courses

Eligible individual course development projects include:

  1. New governance-approved courses at undergraduate or graduate level being developed for online, hybrid, room-to-room connected classroom, or multi-modal delivery for which the delivery mode has been approved.
  2. Existing governance-approved undergraduate or graduate courses in degree or certificate programs currently taught in one delivery mode and being revised for another, for multi-modal delivery or for improvement that would meet the funding criteria.

Proposals for individual course development projects are submitted by faculty as subject matter experts with approval of their department head, chair (if applicable) and dean or assistant/associate dean. Project proposals must include a plan for allowing faculty course developers to invest the required time for the project either through hiring of personnel to offset course load, reduction of course load, or other means described. In addition, the department head must commit to offering the course at least three times after development is completed.

Proposal agreements also include commitment by the faculty developer to:

  • participate in a semester-long (12 week) professional development opportunity as part of a cohort of peers or working group within a program or discipline,
  • work with an instructional designer and team for guidance and assistance,
  • submit developed course for quality assurance review, and
  • serve as peer reviewer for submissions by others during the development period.

Upon completion of the course development project, the faculty developer must commit to the review and approval by their department head prior to teaching the course for the first time. The faculty developer is also invited to present the completed course in a Faculty Showcase event.

All proposals must include the original governance-approved and current syllabus for the course. This may be the same syllabus for new courses and, if so, only one syllabus is required with that notation. As we are mindful of the requirements of external accreditation and internal governance, significant variances between the original syllabus and the current syllabus will be discussed with the department head to determine the syllabus to be used for the development project if funded.

Proposals must include an indication of all required commitments in a signed letter of agreement.

As enrollment growth is a priority for funding, an indication of the current enrollment for the course (if any) and the estimated number of students expected to enroll in the course after funded development is required on the online submission form.

To summarize, a completed proposal packet includes:

Required documents can be scanned and attached to the online proposal form. They can also be emailed to

The original signed Letter of Agreement must be mailed to Design and Develop Awards c/o Lujean Baab, 620 Drillfield Drive, 3120 Torgersen Hall (0292), Blacksburg, VA 24061.

For more information, see the Graduate Degree or Certificate Program or the Design and Develop Awards web pages.