Main content for "Design and Develop Awards for Individual Courses"

Individual course development projects include:

  1. New governance-approved courses developed for existing undergraduate or graduate degree or certificate programs
  2. Existing governance-approved undergraduate and graduate courses currently taught in one delivery mode and being revised for another or multi-modal delivery.
  3. New governance-approved courses (graduate or undergraduate) being developed for integration of technology so that they meet the needs of students, programs, departments, colleges and the university.

Proposals are submitted by faculty as subject matter experts (SME) with approval of their Department Head, Chair of School (If applicable) and Dean or Assoc./Asst. Dean. Project proposal must include plan for allowing faculty as course developer to invest the required time for the development project.

In addition, the Department Head must commit to offering the course at least three times after development is completed.

Upon completion of the course development project, the faculty developer must commit to review and approval by Department Head prior to teaching the course for the first time. The faculty developer is also asked to present the completed course in a showcase event.

All proposals must be accompanied by current and the original governance-approved syllabus for the existing course. As we are mindful of the requirements of external accreditation and internal governance, significant variances between the original syllabus and the current syllabus will be discussed with the Department Head to determine the syllabus to be used for the funded project.

Proposals must include an indication of described commitments as well as

  • the current enrollment for the course (if any),
  • the estimated number of students who would be expected to enroll in the course, and
  • other information requested in the proposal form.

Complete proposal submissions include:

  • Completed online proposal form
  • Copies of current and original syllabi for the course
  • One page narrative indicating reason for submission and anticipated expenses other than faculty time
  • A worksheet is provided with more information.
  • Signed original Letter of Agreement

Review Process:

  • Initial review by TLOS staff to identify complete submissions.
  • Review by committee consisting of representatives from Provost Office/Enrollment and Degree Management, Dean of Graduate Studies, network Infrastructure and Services, and Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS).

For more information, please refer to the Graduate Degree or Certificate Program or information provided from the Design and Develop Awards web page.