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For full Graduate degree or certificate program development projects, it is recommended that you contact Dr. Lujean Baab at 540-231-5004 or for discussion prior to submission.

Proposals to be considered in this category are submitted by department heads, chairs (if applicable), deans or assistant/associate deans. The proposal must include commitment by named faculty subject matter experts who will serve as course developers for the courses named in the proposal. Proposal must also include a plan for allowing faculty developers to invest the required time for the development project. Full graduate degree or certification program development projects must include a project plan for completion of development over one to three academic years.

If funded as a program, funds required for individual course development projects within the time frame of one to three academic years will be encumbered, dedicated, and deducted from funding available for other development projects during that time frame.

Proposal agreements must include commitment by faculty developers as indicated in the information for individual course proposal submissions.

Department heads, chairs (if applicable) and deans or assistant/associate deans are asked to commit to the review and approval of the courses developed as components of the graduate degree or professional certificate program, the alignment of course outcomes and degree or certificate outcomes, and to confirm both the quality of the program courses and the contribution to the intended program outcomes.

All proposals must include the original governance-approved syllabus and current syllabus for all courses to be developed.  For new courses, only one syllabus is required with that notation. As we are mindful of the requirements of external accreditation and internal governance, significant variances between the original syllabus and the current syllabus will be discussed with the Department Head to determine the syllabus to be used for the development project if funded. Original, governance-approved syllabi can be obtained from Nicole Akers at

Proposals must include an indication of all required commitments as well as the current enrollment in courses (if any), the estimated number of students who would be expected to enroll in the individual courses after development, and all other information requested in the proposal form.


Letter of Agreement
Complete Information Document
Narrative Worksheet
RFP Timeline
Online Proposal Form

For more information, see the Individual Course Development or the Design and Develop Awards web pages.