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To submit a proposal for a full graduate program, it is recommended that you please first contact:

Dr. Lujean Baab
Senior Director, NLDS – TLOS

for more information on this process.

Design and Development Awards can support the development of full degree or graduate certificate programs.   Complete degree or graduate certificate program proposals will utilize a form for each course individually but will be considered as a full program submission. A plan for scheduling individual course proposals and development completion must be determined as part of the program proposal.  Please use the contact information provided above to arrange for a meeting to assist in the proposal development process.

These projects include:

  1. New graduate degree or graduate certificate program that has received pre-approval for development through the Institutional Plan for Undergraduate Education or the Institutional Plan for Graduate Education process.
  2. Existing governance-approved graduate degree or graduate certificate program taught in one delivery mode and being revised for another or multi-modal delivery.

Proposals to be considered in this category are submitted by Department Heads and Deans.  Project proposal must include commitment by named faculty who will serve as course developers.  Proposal must also include a plan for allowing faculty developers to invest the required time for the course development.

Full graduate degree or certificate program development projects must include a project plan for completion over one to three academic years. Full graduate certificate programs may have a shorter project plan for completion in one or two semesters.

If funded as a program, funds required for individual course development projects will be dedicated and deducted from funding available for other development projects during the program development time frame.

Please note that all courses and programs must be approved through governance process prior to funding.

Proposal agreements include commitment by faculty developers to participate in a semester-long professional development opportunity as part of a cohort of faculty developers, work with an instructional designer or designers for guidance and assistance, submit the developed degree or graduate certificate for quality assurance review, and serve as peer reviewer for at least one other developed degree or graduate certificate.

Upon completion of each individual course development project, faculty developer commits to review and approval of the course by Department Head prior to teaching the course for the first time.  The faculty developer is also invited to present the completed course in a showcase event.  In addition, the Department Head must commit to offering each course at least three times after development is completed.

Department Heads and Deans commit to a review and approval of individual courses in the funded development of graduate degree or certificate program after each course development is completed. This review will include the assurance of the alignment of course outcomes and degree or graduate certificate outcomes.

All proposals must be accompanied by the current and original governance-approved syllabi for the courses in the program.  Original syllabi can be obtained from the Registrar. As we are mindful of the requirements of external accreditation and internal governance, significant variances between the original syllabus and the current syllabus as determined by the conditions specified by the Registrar’s office will be discussed with the Department Head to determine the syllabus to be used for the funded project.

Proposals must include these commitments as well as the current enrollment in courses (if any), the estimated number of students who would be expected to enroll in the individual courses and in the degree or graduate certificate program as well as all other information requested.

For more information, please refer to the Individual Course Development information provided from the Design and Develop Awards web page.