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The Fall 2017 Call for Proposals has now Ended!

Award recipients have been notified. Look for updates in Spring 2018.

Focus: Enrollment Growth and Destination Area Courses
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Design and Develop Awards are managed by Learning Experience Design (LED) in Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS) and funded by the Provost through the office of Enrollment and Degree Management. The awards support the development of courses and programs offered in various modes including asynchronous and synchronous online, hybrids of on-site and online, flipped classrooms, technology-enhanced on-site classrooms and flexible, multi-modal approaches. The goal of the Design and Develop Awards is to ensure high quality, technology-enhanced, active and successful teaching and learning experiences in governance-approved courses either for initial delivery or existing courses for new delivery approaches.
The annual RFP schedule calls for two calls for proposals per academic year for course development to be completed in one of the following two semesters (Summer I/II is counted as one semester).

Proposals are eligible for funding in two categories: individual course development and graduate certificate or degree programs.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Lujean Baab
Senior Director, Learning Experience Design (LED) – TLOS