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Spring RFP is closed and proposals awarded funding have been notified. The next Design and Develop Awards RFPs for Spring 2020 will be accepted September 14th through October 13th, 2019. Award notifications will be announced the week of November 4th, 2019.

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Design and Develop Awards support development of courses and programs offered in various modes including asynchronous and synchronous online, hybrid of on-site and online, room-to-room connected classrooms, and flexible, multi-modal approaches. The goal of the Design and Develop Awards is to ensure high quality, technology-enhanced, active and successful teaching and learning experiences in governance-approved courses including new courses for initial delivery or existing courses revised for new delivery approaches.

Proposals are eligible for funding in two categories: individual course development and graduate certificate or degree programs.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Lujean Baab
Senior Director, Learning Experience Design (LED) – TLOS


These awards are funded through the Provost’s office and managed by the Learning Experience Design (LED) department within Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS), a unit of the Division of Information Technology. The mission of TLOS is to improve student learning by fostering faculty digital fluency, partnering with faculty to design and develop successful digital learning experiences, and creating technology-enhanced learning environments for traditional, distance, and hybrid courses. In each of these endeavors, TLOS provides essential support, strives for inclusivity, and actively pursues opportunities for innovation. To fulfill this mission, we provide outcome-based, project-driven professional development and instructional design guidance to facilitate and assist with the development course elements, learning objects, activities, media and assessment.

Instructional designers will provide guidance, assistance, and managed support to faculty to ensure developed courses meet the needs of students and programs, aligned with the priorities of the provost and the university, and maintain the focus determined for each RFP.

Course development funded through Design and Develop Awards must have appropriate and equivalent rigor, content, and assessment as would be expected by the approval through governance. Funds awarded are intended to provide faculty the means to dedicate the time and effort necessary to develop high-quality courses that foster academic success and enrollment growth.

Funding Amounts and Process

Funding from Design and Develop awards is provided for new or existing governance-approved courses.

Award for existing courses undergoing revision is $8000 per course.
Award for new governance-approved courses to be developed is $10,000 per course.

Funding from Design and Develop Awards is provided to the department to allow for reassignment of one course in a faculty member’s course load or other means of support to allow for dedication of sufficient time for the course development in Fall and Spring semesters. While course release is the desired and preferred means to accomplish this, there is a realization that this may not always be possible. Proposals submitted must describe how the department will use the funds provided to meet this need.

For courses revised or developed in Summer I/II sessions (combined), funding is also provided directly to the Department so as to support faculty in this endeavor but can be used to compensate faculty developers directly in semesters outside their contract year. This compensation can be provided as long as it does not exceed restrictions on the amount of additional compensation allowed. Faculty compensation must also include fringe benefits.

Criteria for Funding

Criteria for investment and selection of proposals to be funded are developed in coordination with the Provost’s office. These criteria include the identified focus areas for each RFP as well as the extent to which the proposed course development:

  1. Supports the strategic goals of the university
  2. Aligns with current academic initiatives and priorities, and is coordinated with efforts across the college, discipline, or program
  3. Is understandable and manageable
  4. Enables and incentivizes enrollment growth within an approved enrollment plan
  5. Supplements rather than competes with other programs or course offerings
  6. Complies with any/all state regulations and accreditation requirements
  7. Has a strong financial outlook (competitiveness, defined market, adequate size) that can contribute back to the overall academic strength of the program
  8. Has already been approved through the governance process
  9. Has not been funded through other programs of the university

Course Development Process

Learning Experience Design in TLOS works with faculty developers who participate as a cohort (interdisciplinary) or a faculty working group (discipline or program-specific) in a semester-long professional development opportunity structuring the course development process. We begin with a day-long session that establishes the learning community and then continue with online weekly lessons structuring the course revision and development process. Online lessons are supplemented by weekly meetings with an assigned instructional designer that can be conducted on-site or online. In addition, faculty will be assisted in content development through the support of LED specialists in educational media, graphic design, and web-based learning objects.

Learning Experience Design works with Professional Development Network (PDN) to provide highly interactive professional development that models best practices and utilizes peer interaction to guide the design and development of course elements. Throughout the semester of development, faculty developers work and learn with each other and will earn 12 PDN credits upon successful completion.

In the professional development course, information and activities are assigned each week that result in developed course elements. These course elements undergo initial peer review as part of the course quality assurance process. Faculty developers are assisted with the identification of evidence and examples that meet the standards criteria of the quality assurance review process required of funded course development.

This successful approach utilizes and extends the larger faculty learning community and provides an opportunity for faculty to share ideas, see what others have done and contribute to the group knowledge.

Timeline for RFP and Semesters for Development

As funds allow, there will be two requests for proposals (RFP) periods for each academic year.

  • The RFP in Fall semester will be for course development to take place during following Spring or Summer I/II semesters. NOTE: Summer I and Summer II sessions are combined for one development period.
  • The RFP in Spring semester will be for course development to take place in the following Fall or Summer I/II semesters.


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