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Aims of 4-VA Course Redesign Grants

To support 4-VA’s goals of defining instructional models, expanding access, and improving STEM success, 4-VA at Virginia Tech has identified the funding of course redesign grants as a grant area for 4-VA activities at the institution. Courses selected for redesign should have a clear relation to the mission of 4-VA and relate to one or more of the four major goals of the Collaborative.  Due to the Collaborative’s explicit emphasis on foreign language and STEM courses, preference will be given to redesign proposals for courses in those, or closely related, fields.

The 4-VA category includes an option to develop course elements, such as interactive technologies, rich media content, etc.

Who may apply for a 4-VA grant: 4-VA course redesign grants are open to all Virginia Tech faculty. Faculty may name staff as Co-PIs and are encouraged to include undergraduate and graduate students on their teams.

Funding information: 4-VA at Virginia Tech expects to offer no fewer than ten course redesign grants and no more than twenty-five in a given academic year. The expected minimum allocation is $10,000, while the expected maximum allocation is $25,000.

Funding can be used for

  • summer salary
  • course buy out
  • teaching assistants
  • technology purchases
  • travel
  1. Grantees awarded funds for a full course design will participate in quality assurance cohorts.
  2. Grantees awarded a course element (see above), will satisfy quality assurance requirements equivalent with the quality assurance cohorts for full course redesigns
  3. Grantees will participate in assessment activities contributing to an annual report
  4. Faculty will solicit and provide proof of department head and associate dean approval as part of the application.
  5. Active dissemination will be a major project outcome. At minimum, funded projects will have a defined, continuous dissemination plan for the 4-VA community.
    • This should include ongoing project updates via a broadly accessible online media platform (e.g., blogging, a YouTube channel)
    • Have a defined dissemination plan for sharing project outcomes outside the 4-VA community
  6. Upon completion of an awarded 4-VA grant, awarded but unused 4-VA grant funds may be requested for use in other teaching or research activities based on two conditions:
    • The request must be made within one year of the completion of the grant, and
    • The original grant must have been completed in good standing

Deadlines and application instructions

  • To be announced

For more information contact

4-VA Grant Manager: Teggin Summers, 1-0982,
4-VA Grants Manager: Will Fox, 1-9587,
4-VA Assessment Coordinator: Kelsey Brunton,

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