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Aims of 4-VA Collaborative Endeavors Grants:

Collaborative Endeavors funding comes in the form of small grants (typically $5,000 or less) that support faculty interested in creating collaborative opportunities with 4-VA partner institutions. Grant proposals should be consistent with and intended to further 4-VA goals. Examples include course sharing, speaker series, consortia or conference creation, and more. Grantees working with partner institutions will be eligible for complimentary funding of up to $5,000 per partner institution involved. Faculty are also eligible for collaborative endeavor funding of up to $5,000 if they are part of a 4-VA grant at one of the partner institutions. Grantees who are awarded funding will complete an MOU and be required to comply with 4-VA assessment, reporting, and accountability requirements. Proposals will be assessed by Virginia Tech 4-VA personnel based on alignment with 4-VA goals, priorities, and potential impact. Department head approval may be requested by the 4-VA Grants Program based on the scope of proposals. Please note, funding priority will be given to faculty who have not received 4-VA funding previously.

Course sharing is a very specific form of a Collaborative Endeavors grant.  Shared courses occur between two or more 4-VA institutions and can take place in TelePresence rooms or fully online.  Participating faculty are eligible for $5,000 awards.

Deadlines and Information

  • Deadline for application: Ongoing until pool is depleted
  • Deadline for award outcome notification: one month after submission
  • Deadline for completion of MOU for awarded grants: one month after award notification

Who may apply for a 4-VA grant: Collaborative endeavor grants are open to all Virginia Tech faculty.

Funding information: Grants are anticipated to be $5,000 or less, not including contributions from partner institutions.

Contacts for questions or assistance:

4-VA Deput Campus Coordinator: Teggin Summers, 1-0982,
4-VA Grants Manager: Will Fox, 1-9587,
4-VA Assessment Coordinator: Kelsey Brunton,

Application Instructions

There is no required template for proposals, but all RFP categories must have explicit headers within the proposal document.  Click HERE to download an optional template.

Submit a Collaborative Endeavors proposal (speaker series, consortia, conference creation, etc.) with the following information:

  1. Proposed Project Title
  2. Team member information
    1. Director (PI)
    2. Collaborators/Partners
  3. Project summary
    1. Justification and anticipated outcomes
    2. Timeline
    3. Promotion and description of how you will accomplish outcomes
    4. Summary of alignment with 4-VA aims
  4. Budget
    • NOTE: Should include fringes for salary requests
  5. Alignment to 4-VA aims
  6. A list of any additional sources of funding for this research
  7. References (if applicable)


  • There is no required template for proposals, but all RFP categories must have explicit headers within the proposal document.  Click HERE to download an optional template.
  • Graphics may be used.
  • There is no length requirement.
  • Unused funds will be returned to 4-VA.


  1. Approved shared course grants are contingent upon the course being accepted for sharing by at least one 4-VA partner institution or the course. If no partner institutions wish to offer the course funding approval will be rescinded.
  2. Approved grant applicants may be required to have an introductory meeting with the 4-VA Grant Manager to discuss and refine scope of grant project.
  3. Faculty may be required to solicit and provide proof of department head and associate dean approval as part of the application.
  4. Grantees must participate in assessment activities and produce an annual report.