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4-VA Grants Initiative

2016-2017 Virginia Tech 4-VA Grants Initiative Overview

The 4-VA Collaborative is a program between Virginia Tech, James Madison University, University of Virginia, George Mason University, and Old Dominion University. 4-VA’s mission is to promote inter-university collaborations that leverage the strengths of each partner university in order to accomplish much more than any individual university could achieve alone. The legislation creating 4-VA explains that the collaborative was established:

“to utilize emerging technologies to promote collaboration and resource sharing to increase access, reduce time to graduation and reduce unit cost while maintaining and enhancing quality. Instructional talent across the four institutions will be leveraged in the delivery of programs in foreign languages, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is expected that funding will be pooled by the management board as required to support continuing efforts of the 4-VA priorities and projects.”

4-VA Strives To:

  • Define instructional models, including the clear definition of instructional costs
  • Significantly expand access for all Virginians to programs preparing them for rewarding careers
  • Increase research competitiveness
  • Increase opportunities for and enhance the success of students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses and programs

The 4-VA Grants Program at Virginia Tech is intended to advance the mission and goals of 4-VA within the context of Virginia Tech. Grantees will receive support and guidance from the 4-VA Campus Coordinators and 4-VA Assessment Coordinator and will be expected to periodically participate in 4-VA grant cohort sessions to share experiences, outcomes, challenges, and opportunities. Grantees will be required to complete at least an annual project report developed by the Collaborative that details progress and outcomes from their work and will work with the Grant Manager, Deputy Campus Coordinator, and Assessment Coordinator throughout the year.

4-VA Proposals

Virginia Tech will be soliciting requests for proposals for 4-VA grants in three categories: Diagram of Virginia Tech’s 4-VA grant options course redesign, competitive research, and collaborative endeavors. Grant proposals should address a question or challenge in line with one or more of the 4-VA goals as detailed in grant-specific application information. All projects and associated materials will be shared across the four institutions and possibly with a wider audience. For more information visit:

Diagram of Virginia Tech's 4-VA grant process

4-VA Grant Areas

Competitive Research Grants

Intended to improve research competitiveness within the Commonwealth and at Virginia Tech by providing funding for faculty to engage in pilot research that could be used as a springboard for subsequent, major federal grants. 4-VA at Virginia Tech expects to offer no fewer than four of these grants and no more than twenty in a given academic year. The expected minimum allocation is $5,000. The expected maximum allocation is $25,000. Click here for proposal details.

Colaborative Edeavors Grants

Supporting faculty interested in creating collaborative opportunities with 4-VA partner institutions. Examples include course sharing, speaker series, consortia or conference creation, and more. 4-VA at Virginia Tech expects to offer $5,000 per collaborative endeavor in unrestricted funds (within state and university rules). These grants can be packaged with a course redesign grant. Click here for proposal details.

Course Redesign Grants

Support the redesign of courses, or specific course elements, in STEM or a foreign language and require the support of the applicants department and college. Â TLOS manages two options for funding to support course design and development. Design and Develop Awards (funded through the Provost) and 4-VA Course Redesign Grants provide financial support for faculty and expenses related to the design and development of courses and course elements to incorporate media-rich, technology-enhanced active learning experiences in online, hybrid, on-site and multi-modal classrooms. One joint Request for Proposals (RFP) allows faculty to be considered for either funding source. The RFP packet is shared but the proposals are reviewed separately for consideration within the focus and requirements of the funding source. 4-VA at Virginia Tech expects to offer no fewer than ten course redesign grants and no more than twenty-five in a given academic year. The expected minimum allocation is $10,000, while the expected maximum allocation is $25,000. Click here for proposal details.

Key Dates and Information

Deadline for Applications
  • Course Redesign Grants – To Be Determined for 2018
  • Competitive Research Grants – To Be Determined for 2018
  • Collaborative Endevours – To Be Determined for 2018
Other Key Dates:
  • RFPs Launch – To Be Determined for 2018
  • Process Closes for Competitive Research Grants – To Be Determined for 2018
  • Award Outcome Notification for Competitive Research Grants – To Be Determined for 2018
  • Completion of MOU for Awarded Competitive Research Grants – To Be Determined for 2018

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