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DMS provides full service connectivity, monitoring, and diagnostic support for the Commonwealth-wide interactive video conferencing network and network terminal locations using IP protocols and state-of-the-art equipment.

Services Include:
  • Video Bridging: Connection of multiple two-way interactive audio-video conferencing endpoints in a single conference at speeds of up to 1152 kbps
  • Speed Conversion: Connection of endpoints utilizing different communication speeds in the same conference
  • Standards Conversion: Connection of endpoints utilizing different compression, communication protocols, or networks in the same conference
  • Help Desk: One call trouble reporting center. Our staff will solve your problem on the spot or take charge of getting it to the responsible party and solved in a timely manner
  • Conference Monitoring: Live monitoring, diagnosis and resolution of problems occurring during the conference
  • Site Operations: Operational support of endpoints including connecting them to the conference and disconnecting when the conference is over. No local operator intervention is required for call setup and normal operations as long as the system is on and booted.
  • Site Monitoring and Remote Configuration: Remote monitoring of endpoint system status and remote configuration and upgrade of on-site equipment
  • Site Qualification and Testing: Minimize conference problems with new endpoints (especially out-of-network sites) by establishing technical and scheduling contacts and pre-testing sites to ensure that proper protocols, algorithms and, if needed, conversion resources are in place prior to scheduled conference.