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In QuickTime Player:

  1. Select File -> New Screen Recording
  2. In the Screen Recorder box, select the triangle drop down tool on the right to check features like sound, quality, and mouse clicks.
  3. When you’re ready, click the red record button.
  4. Click the screen for full screen recording or click and drag to select a specific area to record.

  5. At the conclusion of your screencast press the stop button.
  6. From File in the menu bar at the top select Export … and Export the screencast as a video.
  7. Once the video is exported, it can be shared or you can take it to iMovie for editing.

Quicktip: Many cell phones today come with a standard set of ear buds that include a microphone.  If you are doing a voiceover with your screencast, plug in your ear buds/earphones and use the integrated microphone to record your voice.  The sound quality may not be as high as recording in an audio bay, but it will be better than using the built-in computer mic, and it is very convenient.