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Create Your Material

In some cases, posting text-based documents or PowerPoint presentations may suffice to give students some material to cover on their own time. However, you may want to record a narration for your materials to simulate the lecture you would have delivered.

In this event, first consider your comfort level with technologies. Select a technology that you have used before. Free screen recording softwares (e.g. Jing, Screencast-o-matic) and even real-time web conferencing tools with recording capability (e.g. WebEx) can be used to capture a quick lecture video in a pinch – on your own time, on your own device!

Recording Software Options
(Macintosh) QuickTime

If you are running Snow Leopard or higher on your Mac, you can use the free QuickTime application (10.2 or higher) that comes with the operating system.

Click here for some steps on getting started.

(Windows) Screencast-o-matic

Pros: Screencast-o-matic is free and runs on Windows or Mac. It is easy to use (promotes itself as being ‘one-click’) and can publish to, Youtube, or a video file.

Cons: The free version has a 15-minute maximum length.

Download the recorder here:

View a very short demo here:

(Windows/Mac) Camtasia

Camtasia is another easy to use screen recorder; however, it is not free. It is available on the computers at the InnovationSpace, as well as in the InnovationSpace audio bays. It can also be purchased at a reduced price from Virginia Tech’s Software Distribution ($44 for Mac; $52 for Windows, as of Aug. 2015) here:

Web Ex

WebEx is a live webcasting tool that has some recording capabilities. It is not an ideal recording tool, but it can be used to capture a lecture in a pinch. The VT WebEx support site link is , and the main VT WebEx page is


The InnovationSpace has two sound-deadened audio bays set up with multimedia recording equipment that can be used to record content for lectures. Each bay can boot either Windows or Macintosh, allowing the user a choice in OS. Both rooms feature a high-quality boom-mounted microphone for use in recording narration and voice-overs with software including Audacity, Garageband, Logic Express and Adobe Audition.

The audio bays also have software that can be used to combine your audio recordings with visual media such as Camtasia, Quicktime Pro, Adobe Connect, and Captivate.

The audio bays are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You can call ahead to the InnovationSpace to make a reservation or stop in and use them if they are available. For more information about the InnovationSpace, please visit

Discussion Forums

To promote active learning in an asynchronous environment, you may wish to use the Discussion Forums in the LMS’s to engage students and invite their participation. Simply post a prompt(s) and invite the students to lend their input, and/or respectfully respond to other students’ posts. Using Discussion Forums, combined with clear instructions (due dates, netiquette expectations, etc.), can pique students’ interest in a topic and make them feel a sense of ownership in the material under discussion. (link to a “Discussion Forums for beginners” including both Scholar and Canvas)

If you have specific questions or would like some advice on what type of material to provide, please contact Learning Experience Design at