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Proctoring Forms

Proctor Nomination Form  and  Proctor Agreement Form

Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS) provides access to forms to facilitate the nomination of, acceptance by, and approval of proctors for students required to identify and utilize a proctor for exams. A description of the proctoring nomination and approval forms submission process can be found below. The only support provided beyond the access to the forms is to maintain these forms for use by students and faculty.

Faculty referring students to a Proctor Nomination form assume all responsibility for the approval of the nominated proctor, secure communication of instructions, text and materials as well as the secure transfer of completed exams.

The use of proctored exams is one of many alternatives for learning assessment in online courses or for students outside the main campus area. Alternative assessment options can be created to eliminate the need for proctored exams and instructional design assistance is available through consultation with TLOS instructional designers. Please use the ‘Schedule an Appointment with a TLOS Consultant’ option for more information and a discussion of alternatives.

The proctoring nomination and approval process is not meant to be used in a manner conflicting with the Virginia Tech Graduate Honor System or Undergraduate Honor System.

Criteria for Approving a Proctor

  1. The Proctor cannot be a coworker or subordinate of the student.
  2. The Proctor cannot be a family member of  the student.
  3. The Proctor cannot have any reported complaints.

Proctor relationship to student should fit any of the following guidelines.  The proctor may be a:

  • Faculty member, administrator, or other professional staff member of a school, or college
  • Librarian or library employee
  • Employee of a commercial testing center
  • Educational counselor
  • Member of the clergy
  • Student supervisor at work
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Guidance counselor
  • Military officer of higher rank than the student
  • Education services officer or testing personnel at a Military Education Center
  • Military base clergy member
  • Military base or unit level commander
  • Military base librarian
  • Testing Service approved authorized representative

Student Responsibilities

The student is responsible for:

  • Nominating a proctor who meets the criteria as listed above
  • Providing the name and contact information for the proctor through the completion of the Proctor Nomination form
  • Conveying to the nominated proctor all that serving as a proctor entails
  • Providing all scheduling information including the date, time and length of the test
  • Communicating the proctor’s responsibility for choosing and ensuring an appropriate place for the test
  • Prompt attendance at the proctored test site
  • Providing identification to the proctor
  • Adhering to all Virginia Tech policies addressing academic honesty, and for their behavior and conduct during the test taking process.

Proctor Responsibilities

Proctors will be requested to accept a student nomination to serve as a proctor and meet the following responsibilities as well as any additional requirements conveyed by the faculty, department or program.

Proctors will be responsible for:

  • Providing straight-forward information regarding their relationship with the student as well as accurate contact information via a Proctor Agreement Form.
  • Providing an appropriate testing environment. An appropriate environment is one that is quiet, has no distractions, is in a public or publicly accessible place, does not provide means of communication with others who may encourage or facilitate sharing of answers or information and can be controlled for sound, light, and access to required technology including the Internet
  • Ensuring the accurate identity of the test-taker
  • Keeping tests secure prior to and after test taking
  • Ensuring that the student is not permitted to leave the testing area until the test has been completed
  • Completing, along with the student any required signature on a verification form sent with the test(s)
  • Prompt return of both completed and original tests and materials to the course instructor and to destroy electronic or original copies upon notification by the course instructor of the completed test being received
  • Answering any questions on test taking procedures, (not questions on test content), and
  • Appropriate communication with the instructor to ensure that all information and items required for a successful proctoring experience have been received, all instructions are followed and all requirements are met

Faculty Responsibilities

The approval of proctors, proctoring locations, access to proctored exams, secure transfer of materials for exams and completed exams are the responsibility of the faculty member, program and/or department from which the exam originates.

Faculty are responsible for:

  • Creation of all information to be conveyed to/from the proctor and student in order to complete the proctoring process
  • Sharing the criteria for acceptable proctor nominee,
  • Prompt response to the notification of proctor agreement,
  • Approving the nominated proctor
  • Approving the identified proctoring location
  • Arranging for the communication of all necessary information
  • Arranging for the secure transfer of all tests and testing materials
  • Arranging for the secure return or destruction of the original test and test materials
  • Arranging for the secure transfer of completed test